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 This course made a great impact on my makeup skills as an upcoming makeup artist, all the tips and techniques jade shared were really important and helpful! Her knowledge was very clear and understandable I truly saw changes in the way I do makeup today it was extremely worth it! 


My experience at Glowbyyj Beauty Academy was amazing, i enjoyed every second of this class. Jade made me feel 100% comfortable from being very transparent with her showing me other ways to angle the brushes from product placement which was one of the things that i needed to work on. This class taught be so much! My makeup skills have improved and i am now very confident in my makeup looks! 100% recommend. 


I took the pro artist 1:1 course at Glowbyyj Beauty Academy and it was so great and so informative! Jade was so helpful and patient while teaching. She seats made sure that I perfected what I was doing before moving onto the next part to ensure the best possible outcome. I highly recommend taking a course is you want to learn how to do makeup or even just advance your current skills! 


My very first hands on 1:1 Pro Artist training with jade was in April of 2019. Her knowledge, expertise, professionalism and just the rapport I built with her superseded my expectations. I learned so much from her then, and even beyond that when i've reached out for assistance. She truly wants to see her fellow MUA'S succeed. I can *honestly* say that training session allowed me to really hone in on where I wanted to take my craft. I would highly recommend her to anyone from beginner to advanced. whether you're an aspiring MUA or just someone who wants to learn more about makeup on themselves. 


I took Glowbyyj's Beginner and pro makeup class in early December, 2020 and i can honestly say it was one of the best investments I have done for my brand!! I was a little hesitant to get back into makeup and Jade gave me the confidence i needed and reinstated my passion for makeup! Not only was she friendly, professional, and talented. But she was always eager to help and so down to earth! The product knowledge alone was outstanding! I would 1000000000000% recommend any person, whether it being a MUA or just a makeup lover to take her class. i am so happy i invested and i would do it again In a heartbeat. 


I took a beginners class in December 2020 with Jade after following her for months on IG & being amazed by her skills. I thought maybe that's her technique & i wouldn’t  be able to learn but she made it so easy & fun! Class was a whole vibe@ Cant wait to take my pro course. I would highly recommend taking her class if you are earning to enhance your skills. Look at it as an investment. 


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