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  • Availability is ran on a monthly basis. If you are unsure of availability for your preferred date that is more then a month away you may contact me through email to secure it. 

  • As of right now we are working hard to ensure we provide an excellent booking process for all of out clients.

  • Please be sure to understand the different services listed below. (Ex. Natural glam is little/no eyeshadow, Soft is the median and Glitz is dramatic)

  • $25 Non- Refundable deposit is to be paid upon booking appointment through E-transfer, Paypal or Credit Card. ( : Name, Date/ time of appointment should be provided in transfer or your appointment cannot be secured.

  • You and I will automatically receive an email confirmation upon booking & if there are any changes to your appointment.

  • My number will be provided incase you need to personally contact me.

  • Please make sure to leave any additional information when booking, such as name, number and email. 

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