Introducing #GLOWQUINS brought to you by Glowbyyj. This is a PRE- ORDER product. What is includes:

- 1 Mannequin head 

- 1 Glow Glam

- 1 Mink lash 

-  Drop off or pickup available (shipping not available be for this product due to its delicacy)

All mannequin heads are ordered and hand crafted. Please give us at least 2-4 weeks to receive mannequin heads and customized to your liking. 


  • Just like anything else be sure to treat your #GLOWQUIN with love & care.

    • Try holding the mannequin by its neck to reduce messing up the face. 
    • Due to products used transfer of makeup should be very limited.
    • Do not get the mannequin wet, if you are spraying it cover the face.

    The more you take care of it the longer it will last!