Our Dime Piece Brush Set is the perfect luxe touch to your vanity table 

This set includes variety of face and eye brushes perfect for creating a everyday glow!

Set Includes: 

  • Buffer Brush: Perfect for foundation application 
  • Angled Buffer Brush: Perfect for applying liquid/cream contour & liquid/cream blush for a blown out effect 
  • Flawless Powder Brush: Perfect for applying finishing powder, powder bronzer and powder blush
  • Setting Brush: Perfect for pressing in setting powder undereyes and smaller areas on the face.  Can also be used to dust off setting powder 
  • Prepping Brush: Perfect for applying gel/liquid moisturizer/ liquid highliter and primer to the face. Can also be used to blend out concealer undereyes 
  • Defuser Brush: Perfect for defusing harsh areas on the face, dusting off setting powder, soft bronzer and blush application 
  • Glow Brush: Perfect for highligting the cheekbones, and blending cream contour more precisely 
  • Transition Brush: Perfect fluffy blending brush for creating a soft eyeshadow look used to defuse crease color 
  • Angled Blender: Perfect for nose contour 
  • Large Flat Blending: Perfect for applying eyeshadow base all over eyelid seamlessly 
  • Small Flat Shader Brush: Perfect for applying eyelid color; matte/ shimmer 
  • Large Pencil Brush: Perfect for defining more detailed eyelooks and blending out lower lash line for a more softer look
  • Small Blending: Perfect for defining crease color 
  •  Lip Brush: Perfect for perfecting lip application 
  • Key Features:
  • Synthetic bristles create the perfect finish & easeir to clean 
  • Perfect for flawless and precise application
  • Matte black exterior and diamond embroidery at the end of brush
  • Great for building or buffing powders, liquids and creams
  • Vegan


Dime Piece Brush Set - 14pcs